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A Real Country Christmas
In real life country Christmas decorations you don't have to add work boots and cats and homemade wine to make the picture more interesting.  It's just the way we live. Real Country Christmases have a little rust, dust, and trust. (There's...

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These Are a Few of My Grateful Things

To be truly grateful we must be extra-sensory humans paying attention to the little details that make up a fully lived life.  When we rush through our day and forget to listen to birds singing or tea pots whistling we have missed a chance to be grateful.  When we hurry to our next appointment missing the sun rising up in the distance outlining clouds in red and yellow and orange.  We've missed a chance to be grateful.  When we don't even notice the smell of coffee anymore because we've become too jaded - we've missed a chance to be grateful. 

So this Thanksgiving be grateful for the big things, but look closely at the world around you and take note of all the small things that will tell you exactly why you appreciate those

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The Balancing Act
A delicate balance of alignment is needed for almost everything we do in life.  If the scales are tipped too much one way or another, mechanisms get out of balance and fail to work properly.  Just standing still your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself.  That's a major accomplishment, and standing still is one of the easiest things we do on a daily basis.

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The Old-Fashioned Way
Why do old-fashioned ways for the most part seem better?  Why are we fascinated with the period in history that spans the 1800's?  Recently, we took a field trip to Conner Prairie, an outdoor, living museum that covers time from the end of the 18th century to the Civil War.  I was amazed at the simplicity of it all and the ingenuity it took just to have a comfortable place to sleep.  Birds had to be killed, cloth had to be

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Pioneer Day at the Hermitage

Meet two women who survived the Civil War and listen to their stories.  Watch and learn and listen how soldiers shot their guns. Taste some authentic pioneer food.  And much more. . .

To purchase tickets click here.

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