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Pioneer Day at the Hermitage

Meet two women who survived the Civil War and listen to their stories.  Watch and learn and listen how soldiers shot their guns. Taste some authentic pioneer food.  And much more. . .

To purchase tickets click here.

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The Love in Daddy's Hands
The country music song Daddy's Hands has always touched my heart deeply.  I have never once listened to this song without tearing up.  The lyrics in this song describe my dad perfectly.  In his younger years my father worked until his hands bled.  Today his hands are still calloused from the many, many hours he put in to keep us all fed.  Now my own tough and hard-working husband is an icon of this song too.  It is his hands that are

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House Wife Makes Incredible Discovery

Call the presses, your husband, and your children.  This amazing new exposure will delight everyone who has ever looked upon a mountain of housework and felt that it would be easier - and quicker- to build the Great Wall of China . . . alone!

On Monday morning it was time to do the laundry, sweep the floor, pick up messes . . . yada, yada, yada.  I decided I would experiment a little to try to add a little spark and sparkle to my daily round.  What if I worked only fifteen minutes in each room?  How much could I get accomplished in this small amount of time? 

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1920's History and Fashion
Pretty much the world as we know it today began in the 1920's:  Highways, electricity, indoor plumbing, sewage systems, automobiles, and let's not forget women's right to vote all came into action in the 1920's.  With that came hair dryers, washing machines, and many other inventions that made life easier.  Cars were fast, the terrors of World War I were starting to

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Mother's Day Makeover
Every mother needs a daughter like mine.  She likes to cook, clean, and tear stuff up . . . yes, that's right . . . I said tear stuff up.  Really, she likes to remodel.   Maybe it's because we have been remodeling our 1862 home for the last 21 years.  All of the kids have had a helping hand in the renovation, but it's my Kristin that really enjoys the work.  She has helped me paint, paper, prime, and plaster, among many other household tasks.  I really appreciate all she does to

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