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A Meaningful Thanksgiving

We are all familiar with the story of the first Thansgiving with Squanto (also known as Tisquantum - meaning "rage of the Manitou") and the Pilgrims.  It is fun to envision and act out different scenarios with big silver belts, tall hats, and feathers.  But it is truly impossible for any of us to imagine just how grateful they were for a bountiful harvest and a warm hearth, because these are things that most of us take for granted.

Today, Thanksgiving Day, like many other holidays, has changed its meaning in mainstream.

Thanksgiving which means: to give appreciation, recognition, credit, gratitude, acknowledgement - has been changed to mean turkey, stuffing, and next day deals.  We all look forward to Thanksgiving Day, but how many of us are actually truly thankful all day?  Many of us complain about the onset of the holidays, more work in the form of cooking for loved ones, shopping for loved ones, etc.  The fact that we have loved ones is reason enough to be thankful the entire day.

In my book, The Life Planner - Discovering Yourself and Achieving Your Goals, I suggest keeping a gratitude journal, starting at the beginning of November, then reading all of your entries on Thanksgiving morning.  Here are a few of my private journal entries: 

    October 27 - horseback riding with kids, sipping hot chocolate, visiting with my parents

    October 29 - my wonderful husband & children, my parents and siblings, my home

    November 1 - home made pumpkin pie with whipped cream for breakfast (a tradition  after Halloween), chickens pecking, being home, cats purring

    November 9 - long quiet mornings, sleep, peace, warm blankets

    November 13 - sunshine streaming inside my windows, frosty fields, wisdom

    November 22 - going to church with my family, hearing my mother's beautiful voice in the choir, spending the day with family . . .

Being thankful for our surroundings big or little gives us a sense of peace and happiness, helping us to truly live in the meaningful moments life offers us.  This year, give it a try and make your Thanksgiving Day and the upcoming holiday season - meaningful - by remaining grateful throughout the season.



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  • A Meaningful Thanksgiving


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