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Top 5 Activities to Make Education Fun and  Interesting

Think about this quote from The ABC's of Homeschooling by Albert Einstein "It is nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry..."  The holy curiosity of inquiry is the sacred interest in questioning.  Check out the list below to find out how to make kids interested enough to learn, ask questions, and want to find the answers:

    1.  Ask.  Ask.  Ask.  Here is a short survey to give each child to help get started:
        #1.  If you could do anything you wanted what would it be?  
        #2.  If you could learn about anything you wanted what would it be?  
        #3.  If you could read about anything you wanted what would it be?  
        #4.  What is your dream job?  
        #5.  Which historical person do you admire most? and Why?  
        #6.  What is the most important event in history to you?  
        #7.  What do you think is the most important thing everyone needs to learn?

                    (Go to my Downloads page to print this survey)

    2.  Listen closely to the answers.

    3.  Apply the information by finding educational materials that pertains to what your child is interested in learning.  The answers to the above questions will change and grow with your child.  What was important and interesting in first grade will be much different his senior year.

    4.  Take breaks.  Author and self-made millionaire, Brendon Burchard says that every forty-five minutes, it's time for a break.  Get up from whatever it is you are doing, stretch, if possible go outside, or take a short walk.  This is a good time for a snack break as well.

    5.  Use motivation techniques.  Promise something special after the child has finished learning about a certain subject.  For example:  After so many lessons on the Civil War are completed take a day and go to a Civil War re-enactment or a pioneer village, or set aside a special time to watch a Civil War movie as a family and make your child's favorite meal as an added bonus.

If you want to be a good teacher and keep things exciting and interesting for your students - you must be vigilant.  Using your own imagination to stimulate your child's and creating a love of learning for yourself as well as in your child will ensure  a fun and interesting school year.



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  • Top 5 Activities to Make Education Fun and  Interesting


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