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Definitions for "essence" are as follows:  The most important ingredient, the basic nature of a thing,  the entity that makes a substance what it is.  Did you know that even though it is January 3, it is only the ninth day of Christmas?  That's right, if we celebrate the twelve days of Christmas we have three more days to enjoy the essence of this beautiful holiday season. 

After forty-four Christmas seasons I just found out that the twelve days of Christmas starts on December 25.  But even better I discovered the essence of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It goes as follows:   Christians made up this song sometime during the 16th century as a secret code to teach their children valuable lessons of their Catholic faith.  (The king of England banned all Catholic teachings because of divorce issue.  Anyone caught with a writing of Catholic teaching was severely punished or killed.  Hence, The Twelve Days of Christmas song was born.  My true love = God.  A partridge in a pear tree = Jesus. (A mother partridge will pretend to be injured to protect her children.)  Two turtle doves = the Old and New Testaments.  Three French hens = faith, hope, and charity.  Four calling birds = The four Gospels.  Five golden rings = the first five books of the Bible.  Six geese a laying = six days of creation.  Seven swans a swimming = the seven sacraments.  Eight maids a-milking = the eight beatitudes.  Nine ladies dancing = nine fruits of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.)  Ten lords a leaping = The Ten Commandments.  Eleven pipers piping = the eleven faithful apostles.  Twelve drummers drumming = twelve distinct points in the Apostle's Creed.

The essence of a new year is just starting to shine it's light upon us.  That means 365 bright new mornings , afternoons, and evenings.  What would happen if each one of us would look closely for the most important ingredient in every situation?  What would happen if each one of us would master the essence of one of the fruits of the Spirit?  Love.  Joy.  Peace.  Forbearance.  Kindness.  Goodness.  Faithfulness.  Gentleness.  Self-Control.  Could it change our very nature?  Or make the entity of our world regain its rightful essence? 

The Twelve Days of Christmas ends on January 5, the Epiphany.  This used to be a widely celebrated holiday when Jesus was revealed to the world. (The Magi visit Jesus and acknowledge him as the King of kings.  The essence of Christmas. 

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That's the best answer by far! Thanks for coitnnbutirg.

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