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The Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe

This recipe serves 4, and is more nutritious and delicious than most store bought packages.

2 and half mugs of whole milk (organic is best)

1-1/2 mugs of water

10-12 tablespoons of Olvaltine  Chocolate Malt (depending on how chocolaty you want)

whipped cream or tiny marshmallows (your choice)

Grab a heavy duty pot and put on stove,  add milk, water, and Olvaltine.   Whisk thoroughly and heat to desired temperature.  You may need to stir a couple of more times after mixture is in mug because of some settling in bottom.  (If topping off with marshmallows put them in bottom of mug before pouring in the hot chocolate.)  If topping off whipped cream, pour hot chocolate in mugs then add whipped cream.   You might even add some chocolate sprinkles.

Enjoy :-)  

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