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House Wife Makes Incredible Discovery

Call the presses, your husband, and your children.  This amazing new exposure will delight everyone who has ever looked upon a mountain of housework and felt that it would be easier - and quicker- to build the Great Wall of China . . . alone!

On Monday morning it was time to do the laundry, sweep the floor, pick up messes . . . yada, yada, yada.  I decided I would experiment a little to try to add a little spark and sparkle to my daily round.  What if I worked only fifteen minutes in each room?  How much could I get accomplished in this small amount of time? 

Instead of multi-tasking and trying to do everything at once I focused in like a sharp shooter, and decided to uni-task.  I set my stop watch and began.  Living room first.  Then halls.  Then bath.  The bath is where I made the most amazing discovery:  It took only 6 minutes and 45 seconds to clean the sink, tub, toilet, and floor!  What????????? Can you believe it?  It's true.  I would not have posted this dorky picture of myself if it wasn't.

You might be thinking to yourself that this is totally impossible for your home.  But I challenge you to try.  Work in ten to fifteen minute increments at a time this week.  I also challenge you to assign ten to fifteen increments of chores for your children.  (Make sure they know the rules:  no cell phone, TV, computer, etc. during that time.)

As women we tend to pride ourselves on multi-tasking.  And as we women we must learn to multi-task when we have small children and other things that need immediate attention.  It is a wonderful talent indeed.  But maybe there is something to learn from our male counter-parts when it comes to focus. 

Try out my experiment and let me know your greatest time discovery.  For now I am going to see just how much time it takes to wash a window.  Happy cleaning :-)

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  • House Wife Makes Incredible Discovery


# Robin Saxon
Wednesday, June 04, 2014 5:36 PM
Laura you are amazing. Thanks from all the working mothers of this community we get busy and overwhelmed at times and lose track of the simple thing that can improve our time off. Thanks again

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