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The Old-Fashioned Way

Why do old-fashioned ways for the most part seem better?  Why are we fascinated with the period in history that spans the 1800's?  Recently, we took a field trip to Conner Prairie, an outdoor, living museum that covers time from the end of the 18th century to the Civil War.  I was amazed at the simplicity of it all and the ingenuity it took just to have a comfortable place to sleep.  Birds had to be killed, cloth had to be spun, trees chopped down ---- just for a bed and mattress. 

I was intrigued that there was no such thing as money.  Peering into William Conner's ledger I noticed a peck of apples could buy a gallon of feathers.  If you were smart and talented there was no one or nothing that could stop you from success except laziness.  Everyone would have been vying for your services.

We entered into the rear of the Conner Homestead and were allowed to visit each of the downstairs rooms.  There wasn't much furniture and the rooms seemed very spacious and grand.  Then we walked around to the front of the house.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed William Conner's home- which would have been considered one of the seven wonders of the county at the time - is almost identical to the home my family and I are living in today.

Why did his house seem so grand and large compared to our home?  I started to think about all of the things that didn't exist in 1862 when our home was built.  If I took out the computers, TV's, appliances, anything that contains plastic and replaced it with what was in the Conner home it would make a striking resemblance that is hidden in our modern world.  (I think I'll keep out stuff and live a little more cramped than the Conners')

But in when taking a closer look around our home I noticed a few things that could fit right into the 1800's.  I may never have traded a peck of apples for a gallon of feathers, but I do still like to do a few things the "old-fashioned" way.  It just feels good and tastes better.

The coolest thing on our field trip was learning how to throw a hatchet from a real Delaware Indian.  "Weli kishku!"  Which means - It's a good day.  Now that is old-fashioned Indian talk.

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