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The Balancing Act

Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us.  We will be running to stores buying gifts and groceries.  Our home, seasonal parties, and people will desperately need us.  Even though our regular schedules will not change.  How do we do it all??????

A delicate balance of alignment is needed for almost everything we do in life.  If the scales are tipped too much one way or another, mechanisms get out of balance and fail to work properly.  Just standing still your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself.  That's a major accomplishment, and standing still is one of the easiest things we do on a daily basis.

What about you?  What are you balancing in your life?  Are the scales and mechanisms in alignment?  Chances are you yourself are balancing many different situations.  Children, work, home life, church . . . the list goes on and on. . . .

I am amazed at the perfect balance and alignment of stature of women in third world countries.  These ladies balance heavy objects on their heads making transportation of goods much easier.  (Since there are no automobiles for them to drive.)  Did you know that these women can carry up to 70% of their body weight on their heads?  That means that a 150 pound woman could carry 105 pounds on her head.

The picture below is of me carrying my paddle board on my head.  It may look easy, but it weighs over 50 pounds and is almost twelve foot long.  One end is heavier than the other.  When I first bought it I carried it on my side.  Nothing in my body was in alignment when I did that.  I finally learned how to lift it up and balance it on my head to make carrying it to the water much easier.  (The water is never as close as you want it to be.)  Everything must be in perfect alignment for me to do this . . . spine, chin, feet, arms, and the board itself.  The paddle board may be a heavy burden to carry to the water, but once there it is all worth it!!!!

Our day to day life is not that much different.  Every day we have heavy burdens to carry.  But if we learn the delicate art of balance - life is much more fun.  We experience and remember more of the meaningful stuff and the stuff that memories are made of.

When I teach people to paddle board one of the first things I do is show them the correct placement of the their feet.  They can then feel how capable the board is at holding them up if they are in alignment.  I show them what to do if a big wave comes to maintain balance.  It's really not that hard.  (I've only had one client fall in.)

Real life is a balancing act, too.  How important is it to check your phone 24/7?  How important is it to watch the news every morning or night?  It is quite possible that we know what is going on an ocean away and have no idea what our children, parents, siblings, friends did today.

If you have the right balance and alignment in life, it's an easier and smoother ride.  What could you change today to have more time during the upcoming weeks to make balancing life a little easier? 

And if you want to discuss life while learning the delicate art of paddle boarding give me a call (812) 212-5581 or email by clicking on the CONTACT tab. 

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  • The Balancing Act


Sunday, May 15, 2016 3:10 AM
Hola! duerme todo lo que puedas ahora que luego no podras! fue el primer consejo que me dieron todas mis amigas, tias, primas, mi abuela y mi mama al enterarse que yo estaba emzaaabrda, y yo realmente no entendia como una personita tan pequeñita tuviera el valor de no dormir por las noches de hacerlo bien 3 dias pero 8 pasarselas como si fuera mediodia, al igual que laura base echo yo llevo dos años y tantos meses que no durmo toda mi noche, y es lo que mas extraño de mi vida antes de ser madre

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