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These Are a Few of My Grateful Things

When asked what we are grateful for most everyone will stop for a minute and say:  family, friends, God, home.  These are our most prominent things for which to be grateful.  But, what are the intricate things that make us grateful?  Why are we grateful for family, friends, God, home . . . . ?

Is it the way your husband embraces you and provides for your family? 

Is it the sweet smile of your son saying, "Hi, Mom, what's for supper?" 

Or is it the gentle words of your daughter when you need encouragement?

Maybe it's watching your baby boy all grown up having fun and learning with friends.

How about the way it feels when you pray before dinner and everyone enjoys nourishment for the body, mind, and, soul as you eat and converse with each other.  These are just a few of my personal "grateful things." 

To be truly grateful we must be extra-sensory humans paying attention to the little details that make up a fully lived life.  When we rush through our day and forget to listen to birds singing or tea pots whistling we have missed a chance to be grateful.  When we hurry to our next appointment missing the sun rising up in the distance outlining clouds in red and yellow and orange.  We've missed a chance to be grateful.  When we don't even notice the smell of coffee anymore because we've become too jaded - we've missed a chance to be grateful. 

So this Thanksgiving be grateful for the big things, but look closely at the world around you and take note of all the small things that will tell you exactly why you appreciate those all those big things.

Here are a few more of my grateful things:  Indiana sunsets, crackling fires, warm tender hugs from children, homemade raspberry wine, family gatherings, good books that change lives, and 

old dogs that will always love you no matter what,

What are some of your "Grateful Things?"  We can all benefit from you sharing.  It may encourage someone else to be grateful. 

Below are some more of my grateful things maybe they will get you thinking: 


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  • These Are a Few of My Grateful Things


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