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A Real Country Christmas

In real life country Christmas decorations you don't have to add work boots and cats and homemade wine to make the picture more interesting.  It's just the way we live.

Real Country Christmases have a little rust, dust, and trust. (There's usually some mud involved too.) A little rust on the truck you drive to pick out your tree. 


A little dust in all of the places you want to decorate with twinkle lights,

and trust that you can make some beautiful and long lasting memories by doing things the hard way.

 When I say the hard way - I mean real Christmas decorations that are not as easy and quick as the more modern versions. 

Every year I question . . . is this really all worth it?  Will my children remember a warm and comforting home with the smell of fresh cedar and pine in every nook and cranny? 

Will they remember that I went the extra yard and made pumpkin pie by baking the pumpkins we planted together in the garden? 


And after the tree is trimmed (and I mean that literally - usually with a chainsaw) and old-fashioned Christmas music is playing, I realize the answer is - yes.  Yes, they will remember all of the smells and sights and tastes.  I know I those are the things that I remember most from my childhood.

Below is a picture of our family.  I had visions of this being taken in the snow outside of church with everyone dressed in their Sunday best.  But real life and real country Christmases can be a little different than what we imagine sometimes.  It's the real country person who has been brought up to cherish everything and everyone who knows how to make even quick impromptu pictures special.

And, of course, a real Country Christmas wouldn't be complete if we didn't mention the reason we go through all of the shopping and baking and decorating.  Yes, it's to make memories that will last for generations, but also because God became man to save all generations. 

To show them how to live in peace and happiness.

God Bless us . . . everyone!  Merry Christmas.

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