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Kittens Are Like That

Every spring the promise of new life surrounds us.  First we notice little green shoots from dormant plants.  Or we see reddish buds bursting forth from bare trees.  But in a country barn you'll find the cutest and cuddliest new life. Last winter a stray striped kitten showed up at our back door.  We named "him" Terrence.  "He" was very shy at first, but soon became friendly.  Kittens are like that.

This spring before we could take Terrence to the vet "he" started look like "he" was really putting on weight.  Finally, my 21-year-old son, who happens to be a farmer said, "Mom, I hate to break this to you, but Terrence is a female and is going to have kittens."  "Are you sure?" I said.  I was sure Terrence was a male when I checked.  But everything is so tiny and furry when they are kittens, and I was definitely wrong! But sometimes, when moms are in a hurry. . . . moms are like that.

As soon as the chickens were moved out of their winter home to their new summer home Terrence claimed a spot to give birth.  Terrence gave birth to five tiny scrawny little lives.  When they are first born - kittens are like that.  After a few weeks they started filling out and getting much more attractive.  I mean have you ever seen anything more loveable than this? 

 . . . . . . or this?

Now the kittens are starting to explore the barn.  Kittens are like that.  They are still a little shy, but at least they don't hiss at me when I walk in to feed their mother. 

And speaking of mothers, Terrence, has turned out to be a great mother, and a female.  LOL!

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  • Kittens Are Like That


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