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Children Do Grow Up

Children grow more quickly than any young mother or father can ever realize.  When they are babies and you're caring for them night and day it almost seems as if you are in the Twilight Zone and a full night's sleep is eons away.  The grown children in the picture are mine.  I wouldn't trade a moment, but I would spend more quality time with them if I could.  Quality Time can take on many different themes.  Adventurous-Bold-Cuddle Time-Snuggle Time-Reading-Listening.  Paying attention to what your loved ones are saying.  Taking in every detail.  Making sure you praise more than you criticize.  The basic need of every individual is to feel unconditional love by those that are closest to them. 

Take time today to do something with your family.  Visit your parents.  Build a snowman with your kids.  Take a walk with your spouse.  Because when it comes down to it ---- what is more important?

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# steve
Tuesday, May 02, 2017 6:33 AM
Yeah!! That's really sad, that our children grow up so fast. We can still remember those sleepless nights and how badly we have wished them to be grown ups. But when they are grown ups, we always miss those small little monsters they were used to be.
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