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The Other Top 3 Things a Child Needs

"In the little world in which children have their existence...there is nothing so firmly perceived and so finely felt, as injustice.  It may be only a small injustice that the child be exposed to; but the child is small, and its world is small."  These words written by Charles Dickens over a century ago are still as true today.  Only in today's society most of the injustices done to children are cloaked behind well meaning gestures and loving parents.  No longer are children eating dinner with their parents around a table or playing outside until the crickets start chirping.  Parents are too busy making sure that children are doing all the things their peers are doing.  And making sure they have all the things their peers have.  Or unknowingly checking their cells phones to make sure they themselves aren't missing out on something.  Almost all parents love their children unconditionally and would die for them in an instant if necessary, but are you willing to give them these:


  1. Periods of UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.  (Turn your phones off and put them in another room each day where you won't be tempted.)  Play with your young children and listen to your older children.  Plan a hike or outing with them.


    2.  Periods of DOWNTIME.  (Albert Einstein one of the smartest men of our the 20th century truly encouraged this.)  No running to games or practices, no electronics.  Just a few things to stimulate the imagination --- books, nature, toys without batteries, toys, and the persistence from you to make this happen in a fun and natural way.


    3.  A nutritious meal eaten in family circle with no outside distractions.


    Calling all loving parents:  Are you willing to do these things?





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  • The Other Top 3 Things a Child Needs


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