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Everyone Has a Story to Tell - Make the World a Better Place by Sharing Yours

Do you have a story to tell?  Do you know of someone who should write a book about their interesting life?  By telling me your story, you could win money for yourself and help Native American people receive the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency. 

Since becoming and author, I have realized that everyone has a unique story that could ultimately make the world a better place.  Jack Canfield author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, capitalized on this idea going on to sell over 500 million copies of other people's stories.    Recently, I partnered with a charity called Running Strong for American Indian Youth.  I was inspired by the heart-touching story of one of its co-founders, William Mervin Mills.  The world knows him as Billy Mills, but on the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where Billy was born, he is known as MakoceTe'Hila (meaning Loves His Country or Respects the Earth).  Before he reached the tender and life-changing age of twelve, Billy had lost both his mother and father.  Billy adored his father and learned many virtuous life lessons from him - shaping him into the nurturing man he is today.

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The Mighty Eagle

What is it about the eagle that fascinates all of us?  Is it the shear strength that an eagle possesses? Or the fact that it is so large yet graceful?  It is almost impossible for us not to stop and look up when we see an eagle soaring high above the tree tops.  We all wonder about what it would be like to be as free and unrestricted as this most majestic bird.  

In 1782 the bald eagle was named our national symbol.  Since then a picture of an eagle can represent freedom, independence, and power.  Yet even the mighty eagle started out as a tiny fledgling who depended totally on the tact and tenacity of his parents.

The picture above was taken on the first of a series of four field trips that wrapped up our school year. (Thanks Laura Merkel for picture.)  If you look close enough you can tell that there are babies in the nest.  When we see powerful eagles caring for their young so tenderly, it pulls at our heartstrings and leaves us in a state of awe for God and his wonderful universe.

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Fading Leaves and Lasting Memories

It is October, the time of year when nature arouses all of our senses, making it the perfect time for contemplating and celebrating life. Leaves turn vibrant colors and crunch under our feet. Once on the ground their life will be absorbed by the soil and other organisms awaiting nourishment, giving the earth that distinctive smell only autumn can bring. Breathe deeply and enjoy.

As days become a bit shorter and colder look within; are there any old habits that you could allow to fall away and “leave” behind? Is it time for you to change your colors, too? New Year’s resolutions made now should be perfected by the time January first rolls around. If you are feeling the need to change now is the time to re-arrange. Stop – Look – Listen – Smell – Taste – Feel. What is your soul whispering to you? Do it!

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