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Is It Enough?

In The First Gift of Christmas Richard Paul Evans asks, "Is there enough awe in my child, enough magic left, to save a world?  For within my heart I lament a great truth - that the only promise of childhood is that it will end.  And I wonder what I have given her to take its place.  And is it enough?"

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  What is in your heart today?  What gifts are you passing on to your loved ones - especially your children - that can't be bought or forgotten?  Have you, like Richard Paul Evans, ever asked yourself, "Is it enough?"  What memories and traditions will your children pass on?  In the rush of the coming of Christmas - meaning Christ's mass - have you stopped long enough to contemplate the depth of its meaning?  Or shared it with a child? 

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Traditional Pumpkin Pie

In order to keep some tradition I combined my grandmothers' pumpkin pie recipes together to make, what I consider (and so does my family) the perfect traditional pumpkin pie.  Let me share my secret recipe with you:


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Creating a Love of Learning

Excerpt from The ABC's of Homeschooling:

"The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself. . ." Edward Bulwer Lytton

By listening closely to your children you can create a love of learning. By creating in your child a love of learning you are giving the child all the tools he needs to become a successful adult. You may question this last statement. All the tools he needs to become a successful adult? Yes, by creating a love of learning the child will teach himself about anything he is interested in. During the journey of learning about the things we love we also learn many other fascinating facts that have nothing to do with the chosen subject.

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New Beginnings and Fresh Tracks
A wonderful treat on New Year's day is waking up to a blanket of fresh white snow covering the earth. It beckons and begs the soul to create something. A snowman, an igloo, a trail... When venturing outside and making in tracks in fresh snow, one soon sees that other creatures have already left their marks. Birds with tiny Y tracks barely scratch the surface. Deer whose hooves make deep, delicate hearts in places. What kind of marks do you make? Are your tracks deep and grooved from boots with traction? Or do you wear snowshoes and barely scratch the surface?

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The Christmas Present
Looking back a hundred years or more to past Christmases drums up pictures of the perfect Christmas. Warm fires burning brightly, with real pine and cedar decorating their mantles. Handmade gifts wrapped and placed under the tree with utmost care and love. Toasty kitchens with wonderful smells wafting from the stove. Men in tall hats and ladies in fluffy dresses. We don't have to go back to Victorian times for Christmases in the past to make us look back wistfully.

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