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Bambiline Jelly got its name from Dandelion Jelly.  When children are young they are look at the world as though everything is a miracle and dandelions are one of those miracles.  They race out and pluck off their spikey, yellow heads and b...

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The Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe

This recipe serves 4, and is more nutritious and delicious than most store bought packages.

2 and half mugs of whole milk (organic is best)

1-1/2 mugs of water

10-12 tablespoons of Olvaltine  Chocolate Malt (depending on how chocolaty you want)

whipped cream or tiny marshmallows (your choice)

Grab a heavy duty pot and put on stove,  add milk, water, and Olvaltine.

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Traditional Pumpkin Pie

In order to keep some tradition I combined my grandmothers' pumpkin pie recipes together to make, what I consider (and so does my family) the perfect traditional pumpkin pie.  Let me share my secret recipe with you:


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Fading Leaves and Lasting Memories

It is October, the time of year when nature arouses all of our senses, making it the perfect time for contemplating and celebrating life. Leaves turn vibrant colors and crunch under our feet. Once on the ground their life will be absorbed by the soil and other organisms awaiting nourishment, giving the earth that distinctive smell only autumn can bring. Breathe deeply and enjoy.

As days become a bit shorter and colder look within; are there any old habits that you could allow to fall away and “leave” behind? Is it time for you to change your colors, too? New Year’s resolutions made now should be perfected by the time January first rolls around. If you are feeling the need to change now is the time to re-arrange. Stop – Look – Listen – Smell – Taste – Feel. What is your soul whispering to you? Do it!

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