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Creating a Love of Learning

Excerpt from The ABC's of Homeschooling

"The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself. . ."  Edward Bulwer Lytton

By listening closely to your children you can create a love of learning.  By creating in your child a love of learning you are giving the child all the tools he needs to become a successful adult.  You may question this last statement.  All the tools he needs to become a successful adult?  Yes, by creating a love of learning the child will teach himself about anything he is interested in.  During the journey of learning about the things we love we also learn many other fascinating facts that have nothing to do with the chosen subject.  For example, if your twelve-year-old daughter wants to learn about how world War II began, she may pick up some interesting information about the Jewish religion, world history, German language and customs, geography and more.  From there the child may decide to learn more about Russia or Denmark.  The possibilities are interminable. . . . .

When I was in school I absolutely HATED reading class.  I loved to read, but found the chosen reading material uninteresting and shallow.  If your child hates to read this is a major red flag that something needs to change - immediately!  Because by reading you can teach yourself almost anything.  Try to figure our why the child doesn't enjoy reading.  Is the reading material too hard?  Is it uninteresting to the student?  Are you making the child read much longer than his mind can handle at one time?  These are vital questions that must be addressed.

Once my children could start reading chapter books, I allowed them to pick and choose their own reading material.  Of course, I supervise whether or not it is morally and age appropriate.  Every single day I read aloud with my children, even though they are in high school now.  This is a fun way to spend time with them and be involved in something together.  I read a paragraph then the child I'm working with reads a paragraph.  They have learned how to read out loud with feeling and emotion by doing this.  Note:  Some kids will naturally do better than others.  Remember, God has bestowed special gifts for each and every child.  Accept your children for the wonderful people they were created to be, and help them refine their gifts by creating a love of learning. . . .

There is no such thing as the "average student."  That is why so many kids do better with one-on-one attention.  Albert Einstein once said that, "It is nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry . . ." 

. . .Just as important as meeting requirements for a diploma is making sure and taking time to find out exactly what it is your child wants to learn and is interested in.  Dwelling mostly on the subjects your child loves and enjoys and giving only the amount of attention needed on all the others, will give the child a well-rounded education and create in him a love of learning.  Cultivate and nurture the gifts your children have been blessed with and they will bless you by being eager students and looking forward to school each day.  Isn't that every mother's dream?

"The teacher, however great, can never give his knowledge to the pupils . . . although . . . he can kindle the light if the oil is in the lamp. . . ."  Hazrat Inayat Khan

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  • Creating a Love of Learning


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