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Go Green Easter Baskets

Want an Easter craft that you can display on your dining room table and then outside in that troublesome bare spot in your back yard?  If so, this is the perfect project for you and your kids.  In less than a week you'll have thick green grass growing from an Easter basket.

You will need:  One bag of quick growing grass, one bag of potting soil, as many Easter baskets as you have children, pebbles for bottoms of baskets, and your choice of either a plastic basket liner or plastic wrap to keep water from leaking through basket.

Step 1:  Find some children who are eager to play in dirt and watch things grow and have them follow the steps 2-10.  Tip - I used cups for scoops to contain mess.  You may also want to place newspaper under your work surface if you are working inside.

Step 2:  Line basket with your choice of purchased basket liner or plastic wrap.  (May want to double up plastic wrap for good measure.)

Step 3:  Place a few pebbles in bottom of basket.

Step 4:  Add enough top soil to almost - but not quite - fill the basket.

Step 5:  Sprinkle grass seed on top of soil.

Step 6:  Barely cover grass with another scoop of soil.

Step 7:  Water generously.

Step 8:  Place in brown paper bag for a day or two to allow seeds to germinate.

Step 9:  Remove from bag and place in a sunny location.  Water as needed using a spray bottle.  (Kids love this.)

Step 10:  Trim grass with a scissors as needed or for fun.  Then find some eggs and Easter decorations to place inside.  (Kids love all of this, too.)

Enjoy!!!!!  Happy Easter :-)

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