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The ABC’s of Homeschooling

Written by: Laura Ann Huber

Published on November 01, 2011 by Telemachus Press
Education|Parenting and Families|Self-Help - Available in eBook|Paperback

The ABC’s of Home Schooling is an alphabet book with a twist. It is a guide for parents – not their children. Each letter is assigned a basic principle necessary to educating your kids at home with confidence and success. Incorporated with gentle life lessons and quotes from Aristotle to Einstein parents will learn how to bring out their child’s God – given gifts and natural talents in a cozy, comfortable, and orderly atmosphere.

  • E – teaches parents the importance of being a shining EXAMPLE at all times.
  • D – examines ideas for getting your children to help with household DUTIES.
  • U – states the usefulness of UN-SCHOOLING yourself to become a better teacher.
  • C – prepares the way of order by learning how to: COMBINE, CONDENSE, and CONTAIN.
  • A – reminds us that a good ATTITUDE and AUTHORITY will carry the day.
  • T – tells of the gift of TECHNOLOGY and how to use it to your advantage.
  • I – will enhance the IMAGINATION of you and your children.
  • O – is the leverage you need for overcoming OBSTACLES.
  • N – will show how easy NESTING makes learning, and ensure proper NUTRITION for you and your child.

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