My Favorite Products

The products listed on this page I find to be helpful, of good quality, and important in our day to day life. Some products are for learning, others are to enhance a child’s imagination. Some products are to help fill in the gap between what we should eat and what we do eat. I hope these products benefit you and your family as much as they have benefited me and my own family.


51798: Rummy Roots: English Vocabulary Building Game Ages 8 to Adult Rummy Roots: English Vocabulary Building Game Ages 8 to Adult
By Eternal Hearts

What do you get when you combine Greek roots tele (far away) and skopeo (to look at)? "Telescope," a device that allows us to "look at things far away"! Fun and fast-paced, this challenging card game is a great way to build vocabulary, word comprehension, and alphabetical skills by exploring the Greek and Latin roots of our English language. Includes 90 cards: 27 Greek, 15 Latin, 42 English, 4 Stump, and 2 Bonus. Ages 8 to adult.


2587237: Great States! Game Great States! Game
By International Playthings

You'll learn more than just capitals with Great States! Where is the Football Hall of Fame? What state touches two Great Lakes and an ocean? Bolster social studies and map-reading skills as players test their knowledge of state locations, landmarks, and capitals. Improve your kids' knowledge by getting them to find where things are located and become more familiarized with US geography. Spin the spinner and take the top card off the pile that matches what the spinner points to; the player to the left of the spinner sets the timer to 30 seconds & reads the question on the card. Look on the map and try to find the answer before the 30 seconds are up. The first player who gets the number of cards required wins! 2-6 players, Ages 7 & up.

This game includes:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 100 Figure chance cards
  • 100 Fact chance cards
  • 100 Find chance cards
  • 100 Fun chance cards
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 mechanical timer

    716137: USA Bingo Game USA Bingo Game
    By Trend Enterprises Inc.

    Get to know America with this fun game of bingo. The calling cards have four categories: state capitals, postal abbreviations, nicknames or slogans, and trivia teasers, for a variety of learning experiences. Ages 8 & up; 3-36 players.

    This game includes:

  • 36 Playing Cards
  • 50 Calling Cards
  • Answer Guide
  • Calling Mat
  • Pop-out cardboard Chips